Thursday, September 10, 2015

Long overdue update

It has come to my attention that I have been very negligent at updating my posts. I have been threatened by my oldest that she wants a hostile takeover. :). So even though I do not have consistent internet, I will do my best to give a quick and accurate update.

Hubby has been given the lead on his current project and that has kept him very busy. Even though he has had many challenges he has met them head on and so far has been triumphant. We did not go with him this time because of other commitments. It's been an interesting summer.

Child A is now in her junior year and looking forward to forensic anthropology. She has been looking thru so many college sites, I'm convinced that they are going to just start showing up with the material in paper form to keep her from slowing down their web pages! She is in the last stages of her braces and the teeth look great. And... she has started doing craft fairs and taking special orders for her homemade and crochet projects. It has been very good for her and she is getting a good start. She has a very large fair this fall and we are very excited.

Child B is now in fourth grade. He is turning out to be very engineering minded. His math and sciences are going best and his other subjects are good too. He will read almost anything he can get his hands on. He loves being outside and riding his bike.

Child C is now in second grade. She loves to be read to and is slowly warming up to reading to her younger sibling. They have an amazing bond that is fun to watch. Her biggest interest is in the kitchen with me. I always have an instant helper and she is getting real good at cutting and/or grating stuff for freezer storage.

Child D is in kindergarten. She is very inquisitive and full of energy. She loves to sit and do her school pages while I am working with the older ones. She has taken to following everyone around and helping whom ever will let her. She has a knack for presenting "gifts" to everyone who walks thru the door.

As for me and life in general, I have been busy trying to keep everyone busy and helping with the various projects that are always going on. We were in the process of buying the house we are living in but there has been a snag in the deed transfer. Come to find out, it doesn't have a clear deed and so everything is on hold. That's ok...God must have better things in store. I have been attending a local gym for a while and I love it. It is nice to go sweat. But really the kiddos keep me very busy.

Nothing real exciting to announce but I really like to post. You just wouldn't believe it by my current track record. Have a wonderful night!!

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  1. Very long overdue!! Thanks for the update! Glad ABCD are well...looking forward to updates